PanoMapper is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that allows for the display of panoramas, still images, slide shows, Vimeo and YouTube videos according to their geo-location, all accessible through place markers on a Google map. PanoMapper provides you with complete control of nearly every aspect of how your work will be displayed, allowing you to customise your presentations according to you and your customers’ needs.

Feature List

FunctionPanomapper LitePanomapper ProPanomapper GBPro
Fully customisable colours, fonts and stylesYesYesYes
Navigation through popup windowsYesYesYes
Multiple categoriesYesYesYes
Category filteringYesYesYes
Editable information panelsYesYesYes
Sophisticated search facilityNoYesYes
Customisable mapNoYesYes
Use of custom place markersYesYesYes
Repositioning of map controlsNoYesYes
Setting of map coordinates and zoom settingsYesYesYes
Insertion logo(s)One onlyUp to fourUp to four
Language linksNoYesYes
Own brandingNoYesYes
Social Networking linksUp to twoUp to fiveUp to five
Import external HTML into viewing windowYesYesYes
Code import from other sources (e.g.) Google BusinessNo NoYes
Customisable viewing window sizesYesYesYes
Include YouTube and Vimeo moviesYesYesYes
Display of still imagesYesYesYes
Mobile and tablet supportYesYesYes

Whilst developing PanoMapper our aim was to meet every aspect of a photographer’s needs, whether professional or amateur. Pricing starts with the basic lite version, which has some limitations, but which keeps the cost down for those who have no need for all the features. The Pro and GBPro versions cater for all needs of the professional and those producing panoramas for organisations such as Google Businesses.


EUR 125,00

For amateur / semi-professional photographers, who just need a convenient means of displaying their work


EUR 220,00

For professionals, who need to be able to tailor the product to their or their customers requirements.


EUR 350,00

GBPro allows for the full integration of GB Trusted Photographers’ codes into the theme.